New York’s Alright, but for only one more year

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New York's Alright 2015 lineup

The annual punk and hardcore fest New York’s Alright is returning to the streets of Gotham this April 17-19, and while bumping up against 4/20 might pit the edge kids against the stoners, there’s no question it will be one of the three-year running festival’s best—and last. According to organizer Adam Whites, there is no doubt of either.

“It is the last year of the fest, for sure,” Whites told us via e-mail. “Why? I feel this is the biggest and best year, it’s the third year, don’t want to keep overwhelming all the locals who have to deal with the influx of tourists, etc. Also, I never wanted the fest to become some sort of institution like a lot of fests. I’ve actually made it smaller each year and I think it’s finally the right size.”

Though the festival itself may be smaller in scope, the range of artists—like years past—casts a wide net from around the world. Like the Kyoto-based hardcore band Warhead, who Whites says “is the biggest deal” for the festival. “They’re one of the first Japanese hardcore bands I got into when I was younger and they’re still one of my favorites.” Warhead joins Isterismo and Raw Distractions from Japan, while Sweden’s Herätys and Australia’s Kromosomocal will also make the long trip to join NYC regulars like Warthog and Anasazi. Philly’s Sheer Mag will likely also be a festival must-see.

Tickets for the main shows will go on sale Valentine’s Day and this year they will be providing pre-sale tickets for the after shows but none for the Sunday matinee. And while there are still a few more bands to be confirmed, Whites warns against expecting anymore big announcements regarding the official New York’s Alright lineup, but he’s also booking “two post-punk aftershows with some crazy/legendary bands, so that’ll be a big announcement.”

Until then, scroll below to see the full list of announced bands and start saving your money now so you can afford both the tickets and some Russell Stover chocolates.

Ajax (NYC)
Anasazi (NYC)
Aspects of War (Boston)
Bad Noids (Cleveland)
Blood Pressure (Pittsburgh)
Condominium (Minneapolis/St. Paul)
Contingent (Boston)
Freak Vibe (Seattle)
Glue (Austin)
Gowanus Mutant Komandos (NYC)
Herätys (Mälmo)
Isterismo (Tokyo)
Kromosom (Melbourne)
L.O.T.I.O.N. (NYC)
Mommy (NYC)
Mystic Inane (New Orleans)
Nandas (NYC)
Pure Disgust (DC)
Raw Distractions (Tokyo)
Sadist (Boston)
Sheer Mag (Philadelphia)
Tapehead (Rochester)
Urbanoia (Oslo)
Vanity (NYC)
Warhead (Kyoto)
Warthog (NYC)
2×4 (Boston)