Ninjasonik remix Maxmimum Balloon

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maximum balloon

Maximum Balloon's “Groove Me” with Theophilus London is a big hit, right? I truly haven't paid much attention. Are the kids losing their minds to the sexy middle-ground of re-envisioning Steely Dan, Hall & Oates and The Time all at once?

Whatever the situation, Ninjasonik decided “Groove Me” was ripe for remixing, turning it into a neon-Brooklyn party starter. We're a week away from CMJ and our guess is this is going to set off the fire alarm in every basement that Ninjasonik rocks – venues better get the fire marshal on speed dial. We can already imagine how the set goes down, the “Groove Me” remix works the spot into a sweaty frenzy, friction from grinding sparks little flames, blunts get to burning, smoke reaches the ceiling fire system and water soaks the audience. The cops show up and Ninjasonik rebuttles with “Cops Is Here.”

Download the “Groove Me” Ninjasonik remix here and spend the remainder of the week practicing your booty shake for the potential rampage of next week.

Maximum Balloon, “Groove Me” (Ninjasonik Remix)