NRMAL, the other Monterrey Festival

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Going to the music fest in Monterrey? No, the other one. Also with abbreviations.

The Festival NRMAL falls exactly a week before Todd P's much-blogged MtyMX Festival, and could easily have been the U.S./Mexico underground-centric lineup curated by Todd and his cohorts. Not quite titanium alloy kick-ass, but nonetheless, looks like it will be a ton of fun.

Organized by NRMAL and hosted by Alizanza Francesa de Monterrey, the event will play out on four stages at the 700 capacity space for one day on March 13.

Much like MtyMx, there are shuttle buses running from Austin to Monterrey for bands and press, (because these festivals are oversized school field trips), but for normal civilians, the organizers of NRMAL would like you to meet Greyhound. Or Autobuses Americanos.

(A word of advice for old people who can rent cars: It's nearly as cheap if there are a few of you to rent through a car service that allows Mexico insurance coverage than it is to buy the $99 roundtrip Austin bus ticket. Look it up.)

The 40 acts listed: YACHT, Daedelus, Banda de Turistas, Death Set, Nite Jewel, Yellow Fever, Julianna Barwick, Juiceboxxx, White Rainbow, The Keyishe, Los Amparito, Chico Sonido, Yppah, Awesome Color, Capsula, Tyvek, Golden Triangle, Poirier, Toy Selectah, Rebolledo, Cousin Cole, Electric Electric, Sebastien Schuller, Robot Koch, Ghost Beard, PDP, The Volture, She's a Tease, 60 Tigres, Quid Comba, Los Erres, Yo! Linares, El Cuarto, White Ninja, Black Fo, Uvi Love, Lady Hustle, Sonido San Francisco, La Musique Pop, Milkman.

The event also promises a hefty art-focused portion, with contributions by: Equipo Plástico (España/Francia), Nuria Mora, Nano4814, Sixe, Eltono, Los Contratistas (Maf, Skrew, Huizar), Colectivo Zenzontle (Blast, Sanez, Dose), PROJECT PROJECTIONS (Virtual Exhibition of 30 Artists), Carlos Olvera, Pablo Moreno, PM.

Three-tiered pricing for tickets: Early Bird (200 tickets) $15. Presale (500 tickets) $20. Rest of the tickets and door $23.

For help with those shuttle buses or to throw your very own Monterrey Festival email raul at