On repeat: Bracken, “We Cut The Tapes and Scatter…”

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Bracken is the “side” project of Chris Adams, one half of the Leeds stalwarts of bedroom melonchalia, Hood. Last year, he put out a more strident and electronic-based album under his Bracken moniker called We Know About The Need (Anticon). This track was remixed from that album by British beat-maker Buddy Peace, who helps run Banquet Records and also appears on the Invisible Superstars compilation recently put out on The Secret Life of Sound.

The track bubbles just below the surface of a break beat with a minute-long digital dirge that ebbs and fades through the patchwork. Peace allows Adam's lyrics to break in at the three-minute mark, but not before a slightly south-of-the-Adriatic percussion groove sweeps out the ruminations that came before, and come again in the track's last moments to sweep everything back onto the cutting room floor.

The track is the first on a remix album available digitally as well as (if it's not already sold out) in short supply of 300 hard CD copies.

Bracken , Remixes track listing
01 We Cut The Tapes and Scatter [Steinbeck Ultramagnetic remix by Buddy Peace]
02 Fight or flight [James Rutledge Remix]
03 Safe Safe Safe [The Boats Remix]
04 Heathens [Bracken Instrumental]
05 We Cut The Tapes and Scatter with our Hands and Fingers [Hands and Fingers Remix]
06 Fight or Flight [Winter North Atlantic Remix]
07 Of Athroll Slains [Bracken’s ten pounds advance, more on the door Remix]
08 Heathens [Third Eye Foundation’s Step it out of Lebanon version]
09 We cut the tapes and scatter [Remote Viewer remix]