Open Mike Eagle releases first single from Dark Comedy

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Open Mike Eagle

Now that the ink has dried on Open Mike Eagle's three album deal with Mello Music Group, the promotional wheels for his upcoming Dark Comedy LP are in motion. Will this finally be the album that catapults Open Mike into recognition beyond a handful of blogs and magazines that faithfully and deservedly praise his artistic decisions? Will we finally stop specifying “art rap” and just recognize him as an artist or musician? This is what the big “it” for Open Mike feels like, right?

Since many will be in need of an introduction, Open Mike Eagle released album opener “Dark Comedy Morning Show” (feat. Toy Light), which occupies the awkward moments of a hypothetical situation in which Steven Wright, armed with outsider opinions on rap, shows up to Sway's Morning Show. Open Mike Eagle has already endorsed the philosophies of Gallagher (Hot Sugar's “Watermelon”), so bringing his anxiety towards the rap genre, Google data paranoia, and suppressing his murder fantasies of the upper class is not done for shock value. It's a primer for uninitiated, which will either send you running or have you pulling up a chair, lingering on the next bar of sardonic wit.

Open Mike Eagle's Dark Comedy is out June 10 on Mello Music Group.

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