Paid Dues Festival Lineup Announced

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Paid Dues 2011

The lineup for the sixth installment of Murs' Paid Dues Festival in collaboration with Guerilla Union was announced yesterday with a special Black Star reunion show as the main attraction. We have no jokes regarding this as it is pretty awesome.

On April 2 San Bernadino's NOS Events Center will be overrun with all walks of hip hop heads; the pedestrian revolutionary there to see Dead Prez and Immortal Technique, the creatine-supplement and blow diet Affliction dude there to see Heavy Metal Kingz (Vinnie Paz x Ill Bill) and Grieves & Budo, the boom bap purists there to see Slaughterhouse and Bun B, the angsty teenage punks with a-line bangs and Alkaline Trio tats there to see P.O.S. and Sage Francis (probably also Grieves & Budo fans), the b-girl lesbians there to see Invincible and Eternia, and a slew of internet nutjobs that made Lil B The Based God famous.

What we're saying is go for the hip hop, stay for the people watching. Maybe make bingo cards with all of these archetypes, give them out to your friends and see who can get a bingo.