PC Worship announce new album, release first single

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Queens-based scuzz-punks PC Worship just announced their new album Social Rust, which is scheduled to come out Sept 9 on Northern Spy and Dull Tools, along with the album’s first single, “Rust”.  And if this new song is any indication, then Social Rust picks up pretty much where last year’s excellent Beat Punk LP left off. Like many tracks from the experimental/avant-garde group, “Rust” is full of the same barely restrained intensity, chaotic experimentation, and violin-fueled freakouts that PC Worship does so well.

The new song opens with some arrhythmic violin snarls and the spark of a lighter, which together sound something like the overtures of a drugged-out orchestra from the Lower East Side of Manhattan in the 1970s, before slipping into a droning, brooding three-minute dirge. Singer Justin Frye’s catatonic voice murmurs oddly poetic lines about everything he sees, “covered in rust” as the single-note guitar riff and the whirling strings slowly build to an eerie crescendo. Throughout, clicks and buzzes from either a guitar or something more dystopian-sounding crowd the track until the very end, when the only thing left is the imprecise bowing of the violin.

Social Rust is out Sept 9 via Northern Spy/Dull Tools. You can listen to “Rust” below: