Pet Shop Boys are Absolutely Killing It on U.S. Super Tour

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With more than 40 Top 30 singles under their belts, twelve studio albums that have hit the U.K. Top 10 chart, and an intense amount of personality to make them stand out from the crowd, the most successful duo in the U.K.’s music history, Pet Shop Boys, continue to master the music industry with their unique, vivid performances and incredible music. Following the spring release of their highly acclaimed album Super, Pet Shop Boys set out to bring the album to life across the U.S.

Their first stop was Las Vegas on October 21st, and praised by Las Vegas Weekly for making their tours different and exciting. “The British synth pop duo gives much consideration to stage presentation, reimagines old material and don’t shy away from performing new material.” Their attention to detail was naturally noted, and we got chills when we heard about their tribute to Pride Weekend.

If you take a gander at their Facebook page, you’ll see a mass of updates with photos of the intense lighting setup and crazy performance that’s bound to get your adrenaline pumping at warp speeds. This is the type of live music we live for.

Their U.S. tour wraps up on November 16th in Miami Beach, before they hop across the pond to nab some U.K. dates into the beginning of 2017. Be sure not to miss out, and head over to their site for more tour details.

Check out the video below for a taste of (what we hope you haven’t been missing) their new stuff, with the lyric video for “The Pop Kids”.

Super is available now. Keep up with their quirky antics on Facebook.