Real Estate, we barely knew you

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Poor Real Estate, and lucky haters: one more band on the rise to gawk at then roast on the flames. They come out of what could have been a gust of (dare we say “breezy”) air but was actually Ridgewood, NJ, and hardly could they open for Ponytail before P4k lashed attributes like “barbecues” and “sea chantey” (really?) to their music, in so doing not exactly putting their finger on the buzzer as guiding more excitable publications to truly weave that middle class guilt into a proper backlash. We will be singing other chanteys at the barbecue? Should we be wearing boat shoes?

Of course, this is largely a good thing for those receiving the lash. Some people will really like this, and the bigger the back swing, the farther they'll go. So rejoice, Real Estate, your indie rock is made of gold:

Real Estate, “Beach Comber”

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