Site Specific Resonances II, recorded in the laundry room of a Prague psych ward, is now streaming

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site specific resonances

Whether or not you've been granted the privilege of a “snow day” today, or if you're somewhere else in the world, not caring an iota for our East Coast concerns about a little bit of white powder, there is something we need you to hear. Released yesterday on Prague's LOM Label, Site Specific Resonances II is made up of compositions recorded in an empty laundry hall at a Czech psychiatric ward. Helmed by experimental musician Jonáš Gruska, the project is stunning and effective—though the occasional eerie noise or weird slice of sound gives the compositions an element of the frightful, there is more beauty here than one would initially suspect.

You can stream Site Specific Resonances II below, and pick up a limited-edition cassette through LOM Label here.