RIP Jeff Hanneman

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god listens to slayer

“You don't like King Diamond because he can hit eight octaves!”

“That's EXACTLY why I don't like him!”

And so went the battle between the metalheads and hardcore kids. At least in my group of friends. While we could equally appreciate the skill and talent both genres brought to the table, there was something about each that would rub the other the wrong way. Hardcore was maligned for meathead violence and palm-muted power chords, while metal emenated a hint of cheese that even the biggest dude in all black couldn't escape. But there was one band we all could agree on, even the punks: Slayer.

Some will say Jeff Hanneman dying from complications stemming from a flesh-eating spider bite is a very Slayer way to die. But no one deserves to die at 49-years-old. Just like no one should have to experience Slayer without Hanneman and Dave Lombardo. Which is why there's no better way to show your respect to a pioneer of a sound that has stood test of time—even if the genre couldn't—than by taking us back to their prime.

Your dad's generation learned guitar by playing Foghat's “Smoke On The Water”. My generation wouldn't appreciate any guitarist who couldn't play the intro to “Raining Blood”.