Sonny and the Sunsets are not calling it quits

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Sonny and the Sunsets

Despite rumors and what we may have heard, Sonny and the Sunsets are not breaking up but have tricks up their sleeves for next year. Frontman Sonny Smith explains.

“In response to the recent news that's been posted of my band, Sonny & The Sunsets breaking up;

Sonny & The Sunsets may go through some line-up changes in the next year, you know – different people goin' on to do different things. It's nothing new really, as i'll always be Sonny and the band my Sunsets. We aren't touring for a bit (at least through the rest of 2011) so maybe it'll seem like we're done. Coming up earlier in 2012 we'll be releasing '100 Records Vol. 3' (tba, 2012), and there is also a Sonny & The Sunsets country record coming out (tba, 2012) that includes the familiar Sunsets plus other folks too. Although a country record, in reality is no different then the other records which had a bunch of folks from other bands on different tunes.

Sonny & the sunsets will continue to put out records and tour.


Sonny Smith”

We apologize for the confusion folks. Be sure to catch Sonny and the Sunsets this Sunday, October 23 at the Make-Out Room in SF.