Sound Fix and Bleecker Bob's to close within a month of each other

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Though we'd all like to believe that the yearly Record Store Day is enough to save local businesses that sell precious vinyl and other non-mp3 entities, sadly, it's not saving two of our favorite New York landmarks.

On Record Store Day this year, which is conveniently also 4/20, Sound Fix in Williamsburg will be closing, and its lease is getting taken over by bro bar Whiskey Brooklyn. Sound Fix has been a staple in the compulsively gentrified scene of Williamsburg, hosting incredible in-stores, selling great, rare vinyl, and buying back the music you didn't want. It was one of the first record stores I ever wandered into when I moved to New York and it's a sad thing to see it go. Even just the warm reds and oranges of the store, as well as their comfy couch area, made it a fun place to listen to and talk about music. Much more fun than doing it on the internet.

Following the closure of Sound Fix in April, Bleecker Bob's will close its doors to the public officially in May, a second punch to the gut. Another staple in the New York record scene, Bleecker Bob's is going the way of a fro-yo store, as if there were any need for another one of those. Both Brooklyn and Manhattan will miss these landmarks and we hope these are the last of the record stores to close. If you are interested in saving Sound Fix, you can contact owner James Bradley here. Angel investors, anyone?