Speedy Ortiz announce sophomore LP

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Speedy Ortiz have announced their sophomore album, Foil Deer, which will be released via Carpark Records on April 21. In combination with the announcement, the band released a sparsely colored comic created by Michael DeForge. The illustration plays lightheartedly with the notion that, in 1000 years, Speedy Ortiz’s Foil Deer will have infiltrated every facet of humanity (“Foil Deer… is everywhere—in our nasal implants, in our tap water…”) and introduced a new species of deer. The futuristic theme of DeForge’s comic coincides with songwriter Sadie Dupuis’ self-regulated exile and cleansing that led to the conception of most of the songs on Foil Deer. Dupuis remarks that she “gave up wasting mental energy on people” and edited out unnecessary drama, so the album is about moving forward “without slipping into self-empowerment jargon.” The band spent almost a month in the studio working on Foil Deer. Check out the comic below.