Stream Deerhoof’s La Isla Bonita

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OK, everyone can breath a sigh of relief because the new Deerhoof album is here and available for your listening pleasure. Deerhoof is celebrating their 20th (holy crap) anniversary as a band, dating all the way back to their beginnings as a noise punk band from the East Bay in California. The band has taken leaps and bounds artistically and stylistically, experimenting with pop and punk in ways we could’ve never imagined, as well as being general bad asses. They’re explosive, making unexpected decisions left and right, while somehow managing to grasp a distinct Deerhoof vibe that has ultimately proved to us that punk can fit into an artistic world.

La Isla Bonita is the work of a band who knows no boundaries. It opens playfully with “Paradise Girls”, where Satomi Matsuzaki’s whimsical vocals bounce around like a hyper active child. We also hear many complexities on songs like “Tiny Bubbles”, where Greg Saunier’s ecstatic drumming becomes a center piece. Throughout La Isla Bonita is the signature Deerhoof jaggedness that holds it all together.

Enough of these simple words though, stream the album here so you can hear for yourself what words cannot describe.