Sun Ark launches cassette series

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Hold the Phone Cover and Sadistic Candles cover

Seriously, this cassette trend is getting out of hand. Next thing you know the music industry will cry it's going broke because the walkman is back. But if anyone else was going to come along and do it, it might as well be the distilled, vapid mind of Sun Araw.

His imprint Sun Ark Records is launching a new cassette “edition” as they call it, with two stellar pieces by Hold the Phone and Sadistic Candle. Hold the Phone might not count as a separate endeavor, as it's actually Cameron Stallones and Barret Avner improvisations on strings and synths. Although their description of it being like “your dad whistling at a 16-year-old girl” pretty much sums up the uncomfortable pride felt within.

Sadistic Candle meanwhile is more akin to what you'd expect out of the psych, sun-drenched landscape of Sun Ark. It's eerily reminiscent of our bros in Dinowalrus, with many more samples and loops. Stripped-down this is not; Sadistic Candle turns the bedroom recording 180 degrees and piles on the layers building a deep complexion.

Both are available now, with excerpts to check out, at the Sun Ark shop.