The Funeral Home in Buffalo on hiatus, seeking donations

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the funeral home

Another local DIY space, The Funeral Home in Buffalo, is getting shut down due to not having its building codes up to snuff. The Funeral Home, a venue that Impose holds very close to our hearts as we held part of our Imposition Tour there this Spring, got raided by police recently and was administered small fines for two building code violations: no live music license and excessive noise with a live band. The venue has been hosting shows in the space for the past few years, and as they've reported that over seven local venues have closed in Buffalo in the past four months, it would be a real shame to see another one bite the dust. But all has not yet gone the way of the man.

Though last week The Funeral Home's blog posted a definitive, sorrowful, and succinct goodbye, fans of The Funeral Home were not having it. After years of shows, individual capital, effort, and time put into the venue, there has to be a way to save The Funeral Home and get their building in accordance with the established codes. The people who run TFH have set up a proposed outline for how to save the venue, which includes soliciting your personal donations, sharing stories, a yard sale, and hosting benefit shows. You can check out all the details for their proposition here and if you're interested in donating to save a well-loved DIY space, you can do that here. The yard sale will be this weekend (April 27 and 28), so come out if you're in the Buffalo area.