Times New Viking, “Ever Falling In Love”

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Times New Viking.

The displaced-lettering of Times New Viking's new record title Dancer Equired just got its compliment in the leak of the album track “Ever Falling In Love”. (Get it?)

As their first album for Merge, and their first recorded in a proper studio, you might expect a big, rude rock song plush with fancy studio compression and reverb that's more convincing than the setting you like on Garage Band. Instead, “Ever Falling In Love” is a restrained dueling vocal ballad that retains a gritty basement tapes aesthetic.

Times New Viking, “Ever Falling in Love”

There's this video that is perhaps 'promotional' in theory, in which one gets a taste for the kind of mid-winter Columbus, OH gloom the band comes from:

Previously leaked:

Dancer Equired is out April 26 on Merge.