Watch a video of Desaparecidos at Shea Stadium

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Earlier this June, a packed Shea Stadium crowd caught the reunited Desaparecidos play a fist-pumping, head-banging, epic show at the Brooklyn DIY venue. The 15-song set, filmed by NPR, features many songs off the punk band’s newest album Payola. Conor Oberst’s band released their first album Read Music/Speak Spanish 13 years ago and has performed just a handful of times in the last decade, marking this a very welcome return. Some of the tracks on the new album were originally released in 2012 and 2013 and reacted to current events at the time, such as stories of abuse faced by undocumented immigrants in Arizona and the Occupy Wall Street movement. With thrashing guitars and impassioned singing, the band gives a much needed dosage of sonic energy to some of the modern day’s anxieties and troubles.

Payola is out now on Epitaph Records

Check out Desaparecidos’ tour dates on their website

“The Left Is Right”
“The Underground Man”
“City On The Hill”
“Ralphy’s Cut”
“Man And Wife, The Latter (Damaged Goods)”
“Golden Parachutes”
“Survival Of The Fittest/It’s A Jungle Out There”
“Greater Omaha”
“Hole In One”