Weekends kick off our cassette series

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Cover for Weekends' Psychedelic Mice cassette

In our daily existence, we're friends with tons of great musicians and are often pained to find ways to work with them more intimately without it compromising the integrity of our editorial. Then we said fuck it and just asked them all to do a tape for us.

Actually, we decided to start asking the select few we're big fans of if they
would be down to do very
limited edition cassette releases with us to create a series. Much to our delight, everyone said yes. One of the first bands we asked was Baltimore's Weekends, who became one of our favorite bands after one of our Test Patterns parties.

So we're very excited to announce the beginning of the Impose Cassette
Series with Weekends' Psychedelic Mice. With only 100 pressed,
the Psychedelic Mice cassette features five tracks, including a
cover of Future Islands' “Little Dreamer” and the title track, which is
from their upcoming Friends Records full length. And stay tuned for the next release in about a month.

Psychedelic Mice track list:

01 Psychedelic Mice
02 Team Wolf (Acoustic)
03 Little Dreamer (Future Islands cover)
04 Suburban Home
05 Old Sun