Wyclef Jean running for Haitian President

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Not that it'd necessarily matter to an election where there are much bigger issues than abusing post-op pain killers but Impose's favorite institutional memory of Wyclef Jean is still him trying to scale the stage lights during a free live performance at Columbia U.

It comes as a surprise to many that the pop star many times over is seeking the highest office in Haiti, but apparently not to the man, who's seen his current announcement to run for the November 28 election in the stars for years, telling TIME that “If not for the earthquake, I probably would have waited another 10 years before doing this.”

Needless to say, Jean's move will shine a brighter global light on the suffering and bureaucratic quagmire that prevails in Haiti. It'd also make for a promising new trend in career-jumping. Jay-Z for New York mayor, Lil Wayne for Governor of Louisiana but not before signing Rudy Guliani to a Young Money deal.

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