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Armand Hammer

This week on the Impose Magazine Radio Show, Eric is joined by Elucid and billy woods who in addition to releasing incredible albums seperately have also teamed up as Armand Hammer releasing the incredibly dense album Race Music. This is the second time that billy woods has been on the show, so we spent a great deal of time speaking to Elucid about his past and present. We decode some of the lyrics and more importantly the cadence, we talk Elucid's musical upbringing and how his rap music is reaction to the mainsteam rap of the time, early projects, the linking of these two giants and the process that went into the creation of the album.

Have a Happy Thanksgiving and when we return on December 4, we will have Becca Kauffman, editor of the Master Cactus Cassette Tape Art Zine.

You can check out those much mentioned lyrics here

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Teengirl Fantasy – Nun
scallops hotel – my granddad's soul with thanks to Will for helping me find it
Alison Doyle – The Burnside Tragedy
Anderson .Paak – Blackbird
Gyptian – Wine Slow (Kush Arora China White Remix)
vyle. tomorrowkings – Sell Coke to White Folks

A.M. Breakups – Revenge
Death Grips – Bootleg (Dont need your help)
Jasiri X – Strange Fruit (Class of 2013)
Mueran Humanos – Horas Tristes
Front 242 – Principles (Instrumental)
Cybotron – Alleys Of Your Mind
Allez Allez – Allez Allez
Digital Leather – Bugs On Glue
Curly Castro ft Armand Hammer – David Rodigan
Armand Hammer – Willie Bosket
Armand Hammer – Renaissance Garments
Armand Hammer – New Museum
Armand Hammer – Nosferatu