Baby, It’s Polar Vortexing Outside

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There might not be a Polar Vortex in the air right now, but things sure have cooled off all over the United States recently. From rain and chilly weather in Los Angeles, to pure dumpings of snow in the midwest. Last weekend, while we were snowed in, we had an awakening. It was time to make a playlist that would aid people not only through the harsh conditions of winter, but through the holidays altogether. Because 2016 hasn’t been the greatest of years, but we’re not about to let it go to the wayside.

So here is a list of some of our favorite tunes right now. Yeah, it’s a little scattered. There are Christmas songs and then just some current jams we’re really digging. It might change, so we don’t have a track list for you. But we can say it’s appropriate to play around any demographic. So turn it up, and let your Grandma know what’s up this holiday season!