Gordon Voidwell gives us Étude

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Joining Eric and Edwina all the way from sunny Minneapolis, Minnesota is modern Bronx Boogie creator, Gordon Voidwell. In this episode, we discuss Voidwell’s backpacker past, the merging of hip hop style beats with dance music sensibilities, the difficulties in writing dynamic pop songs that are interesting to sing, comparing and contrasting the Minneapolis music scene to the one in New York City, youthful indiscretions, how his girlfriend’s love of Prince made him sing falsetto, how his background in a boys choir gave him the ability to sing at that higher register, situationism and psycho-geography and the exploration of Ying-Yang Twins in a cultural context, Gordon’s top five No Limit records, Jersey Club versus Baltimore Club, the hidden African influences of Minneapolis’s weird and young musicians, we discuss Afro Punk’s reach and importance, how DFA changed NYC, plus we discuss his newest release; Bad Étude.

You can catch Gordon Voidwell live along with Dam-Funk for free on Friday, March 7th at Brooklyn Night Bazaar.

Twitter @gvoidwell
Website: http://www.gordonvoidwell.com

Next week, we will have Curly Castro and Zilla Rocca of Wrecking Crew on the phone from Philly.

Shamir – If It Wasn’t True
7 Days of Funk – Systamatic (Instrumental)
Pyramid Vritra – Monkeybread
Leikeli47 – Brady 6
The Doppelgangaz – What’s Your 20
Gordon Voidwell – Pure
Gordon Voidwell – Dig You Out

Gordon Voidwell – Brick
Gordon Voidwell – GF Jeans

DJ Assault – Nipples N Clits
DJ Funk – Bounce Dat Azz