Hippies Wearing Muzzles Mix

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Hippies Wearing Muzzles

Hippies Wearing Muzzles (Lee Evans) just released his latest album, Animist Pools, on July 1st. In honor of the release, he decided he wanted to make a little mix for the IMPOSE family.

“The mix is made up of music that resonates with ideas and themes I used on Animist Pools,” he explained.  “Naturalistic sounds, repetition, shifting rhythmic patterns, and varied approaches to synthesis are all present.”


Michel Redolfi – Partial Immersion
Sundog 70 – The Dreamlife of Debris
Ashra – Code Blue
High Wolf – An Empire Upon an Empire
John Swana – Dark and Clammy
Oneohtrix Point Never – Format & Journey North
Edgar Froese – Epsilon in Malaysian Pale
Golden Retriever – Archipelago
555 – Minuet and Machine
HMOT – Merry Go Round
John L. Rice – E950 Exploration 3
MinaeMinae – Guu1
Chemiefaserwerk – 16.29MB
Sonic Youth – Agnes B Musique
Suzanne Ciani – Concert at WBAI Free Music Store
Marc Barreca – The Urge To Buy Terrorizes You

Animist Pools is available now.