New Music Round Up!

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New Music! This week on the Audio Imposition our scheduled guest had a PTA meeting, so Eric take the opportunity to play a bunch of music he’s been sitting on for a while and some new music he’s found recently (though a technical issue prevents him from playing the siqq azz dirty electronic music he wanted).

Peace to Prince Devitt.

Mouth Mouth, “Seagames”
Mitski, “First Love / Late Spring”
Big Joanie, “Dream Number 9”
Anarchicks, “Psychloop”
Negative Scanner, “Evening News”
Dark Times, “Give”
Crimen, “Tración”
Olympic, “Hard Way”
Baby Bry Bry and the Apologists, “Lately”
Wastelands, “Bats on the Beach”
Wett Nurse, “Hissy Fit”
Cold Waste, “I Swear They’re Invisible”
AHRM, “White Cuts”
Face The Rail, “Heartbreak Kid”
Omri Loved Celadon, “Kavv Forms”