PHAM's Favourites

Post Author: Meredith Schneider

Recently, Poland-based producer/DJ PHAM released a track titled “Talk To Me” via Majestic Casual Records. The track itself is absolutely beautiful, brought to another level with PHAM’s use of breaks and bass drops within an otherwise smooth and airy backtrack. In honor of that release – and of his more recent success – PHAM has curated a Friday Night Mix for us. Check it out below!

1. Lorn – Acid Rain. Probably one of my favourite songs that I’ve heard this year and it’s because this particular producer is capable of injecting something both really strange/eerie and emotional that I cannot describe at all.
2. Hippie Sabotage – Devil Eyes. This one is somehow similar to the predecessor. It has a lot of trap influences but still keeps that haunting, unique sound.
3. 6LACK – Prblms. I don’t really know where that guy came from, but he puts out some dark rap consequently and every track seems to hit the spot. Keep an eye on him (also check out the music video, it’s pretty savage)!
4. Stwo – Haunted (feat. Sevdaliza). It’s hard to expect anything mediocre from that producer. And the vocalist that’s been featured on it, Sevdaliza, is one of my favourite. You’ll hear more of it in the playlist.
5. Frank Ocean – Pink + White. Somebody please tell me, because I’m pretty sure there’s been a song that sounded really similar (feel-wise). A long anticipated piece from Frank didn’t disappoint me and this one is the most liked from the “Blonde” album.
6. Bonobo – Kerala. I went crazy the first time I saw the video and heard the song. This was so refreshing I started jumping around and shit. Also big ups for going a different, more upbeat way and still keeping the sound. And that vocal sample!
7. Ravyn Lenae – Free Room (feat. Appleby). Just wow. Monte Booker absolutely killed on the beat + I’m really looking forward to the next Ravyn Lenaes move. This is probably the best mixed song of the year.
8. Kaytranada – Got It Good (feat. Craig David). Do I really need to explain why?
9. Childish Gambino – Redbone. I bet NO ONE was expecting that. We can call Donald a renaissance man from now on. I think I needed this, you needed this, we all needed this. Please note that I’m talking about the musical layer, the rest is a little bit underwhelming. *cough* lyrics *cough*.
10. Injury Reserve – All This Money. This song has a special place in my heart, I don’t really know why. It’s just some sort of a throwback to all the club bangers that we’ve been flooded with back in 200x. Thanks theneedledrop.
11. Mura Masa – Love$ick (feat. A$AP Rocky). The revamp of the original song was something surprising. Sometimes you think the instrumental doesn’t need anything more but then you get this. Up next…
12. Flume – Heater. Although “Skin” could turn out insufficient for some of us, “Skin Companion” did the damage and I’m still waiting for the year where this guy will stop being my favourite artist. Just kidding… Both albums prove that Harley is not stopping in sounddesign nor creativity.
13. Chance The Rapper – Summer Friends (feat. Jeremih, Francis and the Lights). I absolutely love how the choirs/vocoders always accompany Chance to build a spectacular wall of sound. Most of the things I like are pretty mellow and this one is no exception.
14. NxWorries – Suede. I remember both times listening to Breezy Lovejoy and talking to myself that he’ll go pretty far and checking up Knx’s SoundCloud and liking track after track from his feed. This combo is just unbelievable.
15. BadBadNotGood – Lavender (feat. Kaytranada). That might be a weird switch up but that’s what I love about those guys. The music video is pretty hectic and it’s stuck in my head now. + Kaytranada… I love Kaytranada.
16. Glass Animals – Hazey. Nothing can calm me down better than this song. I noticed a lot of people get some sort of anxiety and this song is like medicine for me. Keep in mind you can over-listen some things too and it’s not recommended to play this every time. Jk
17. Pham – Talk To Me. Uhhh we getting narcissistic right there… No?
18. Two Feet – Go Fuck Yourself. And the award for The Best Shortest Song Of The Year goes to… This song! It is really catchy. Looking forward to an album or something like that.
19. Madeintyo – Uber Everywhere. Every time I heard the lyrics I chuckle a bit (maybe that’s what made me like it – or the Swell remix, which is pretty fire too).
20. Sam Gellaitry – Desert Mirage. If you like being tickled in your ears play this. The first drop caught me offguard and I keep repeating the first section. Musicality: 10/10. I’m curious what this year will bring for him (he’s playing Coachella btw).
21. Arca – Brokeup. So there are producers and the producers, who use their music to really reflect their personality. His music tackles a lot of strange sonic experiences and this song just proves how both agressive and vulnerable his music is.
22. To completely throw you offguard, the last song will be Howling – Howling (Ame Remix). This one can be played literally in every moment of my life and I won’t consider it being inappropiate. Reminds me of the feel of Flumes Re-work of Seekae – Test and Recognise.
Thank you for listening guys, I hope that selection breathed some fresh air into your ears.