The Modern Savage, Unwilling Participants

Post Author: Meredith Schneider

Anchorage-based rock collective The Modern Savage – comprised of Jenni May, John Cripps, Matt Eley, Ivan Molesky, and David Devlin – has been garnering a lot of hype around their sophomore release, Unwilling Participants, due out January 27th. But they’ve given IMPOSE readers the first shot at deciding if their material is worth said hype, as we’ve got the exclusive streaming premiere of the 13 track album in its entirety right here. (Note: It’s totally worth the hype.)
Hop from the intrinsically upbeat first track “Pull Me” right on over to the dark, slow, seductive depths of “Beg” (Anyone else want to interpretive dance it out to this one?), then to the intricately woven, hard rock vocals of “Neon Tongue”. Not a single one of the tracks follows some cookie-cutter mold, with the band’s flexible and vast talents coming to the forefront for this entire release.

Unwilling Participants is out January 27th. It is available for preorder now.