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While Brooklyn-based indie rock outfit Surf Rock is Dead is out on tour, they had a moment to shoot us a playlist of some of their favorite songs to listen to on the road. Check it out!

Bon Iver – 10 d E A T h b R E a s T 
During the night drives I often want a track that’ll zone me out but also force me to listen more closely. There’s so much going on in this track and the way things flow in and out is ??

The Avalanches – The Wozard Of Iz
The beat, the mix the way it’s cut up…
Baths – Fade White
Beautiful track for the tender moments with the boys in the van.
Blood Orange – Augustine
Idk, I just like this song.
Kendrick Lamar – Untitled 07 | 2014-2016
Who doesn’t like Kendrick? Banging beats keeps ya pumped on the long drives, and everyone always vibes on this track.
Radiohead – The Numbers
Everyone has an opinion on the new Radiohead record, I like this record a lot. Sometimes music is meant for driving, even without the creators intention. The Numbers is my favorite song on A moon Shaped Pool…and this track is made for driving.

Martin Garrix – Animals 
All about the energy on a late night drive and this one keeps it up like a double Monster energy drink.

Kero Kero Bonito – Flamingo
Sometimes while driving and cruising for a while I need a silly track to get my mind elsewhere. On top of a sick flute riff, the song is about turning pink from eating too many shrimp.

Panda Bear – Take Pills
Chiiillllwaaavvvee in the van.

Arcade Fire – Sprawl II
Album about the suburbs, I come from the suburbs, so let’s listen about the suburbs while driving through some in this. sprawl of a country.

The Flaming Lips – Worm Mountain
Distorted Riff that makes me scream “holy shit” while white knuckling the steering wheel. Another energy banger.

Run the Jewels – Oh My Darling Don’t Cry
Always good to test the limits of your rental van’s sub system. “Fuck the law, they can eat my dick, that’s word to Pimp”.

Surf Rock is Dead – Never Be The Same
We wake up everyday listening to ourselves.

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