The Audio Imposition invites you to get loud

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This week on the Audio Imposition, Eric brings you a ton of new music featuring a lot of LGBT artists just in time for June. Eric tried to showcase a wide variety of musical styles covering everything from punk, to folk, to atonal experimental music, post punk and trap.

Give a listen and find something you’ll love. <3 "Milwaukee North" by She/Her "i don't wanna kiss" by brand-name coffee "you met me and i suck" by roland flowers "You're Not Broken" by Jealous Girlfriend "we're old ppl now" by blair lauren "Male Gaze" by No Approach "DYSPHORIA" by MIGRAINE "STUCK IN HETERO" by DOXX "Not Negotiable" by In Flux "The Repulsion Is Mutual" by INVERTS "LGBT" by RÜN "Crawling" by Luno "feels like summer (ft. $WAGGOT)" by 音 LIGHT システム "Bataille" by hyperculte "BD$M" by The Retrogression "DEARLY BELOVED" by CRISSY BELL "Genitale" by For you Katrina "Girls" by taboojank "Hump Day" by Miss Eaves