We blast off into inner space with Uncommon Nasa

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On January 15th, rapper, writer, producer, label runner, opinionated man-about-town Uncommon Nasa stopped by Newtown Radio studios and talked with Eric and Edwina about damn near everything. We discuss the 10 years of Uncommon Records, growing up in the dark days of indie hip hop, why it’s impossible to make it as a touring artist, the effects of piracy on small labels and the rise of piracy alternatives, the impact of tech companies on content creators, we tell you exactly where the money went in music industry (magazine industry too), the horrible nagging nature of AIM, the rise of Twitter and its ability to foster community, the history of “The Twilight Zone” and the sly subversion of Rod Serling, Jim Starlin and his effects on Nasa as a writer, the shut in only-child lifestyle of an 80s nerd, the fact that the real golden age of hip-hop is whatever you heard in high school, old televisions, old internet, old mix tapes, upcoming projects, and we play a whole hell of a lot of music at the end.

Our guest next week is TBA! We finally got them for the show. Our first question will be, “For someone seemingly so popular, why does TBA drop off of every bill?”

Uncommon Nasa www @uncommonnasa bandcamp

Eric @kotgb

Edwina @threeminuterule

Dopplegangaz – Holla x2
83Cutlass – Kunta Kinte
83Cutlass – No Gold Chain
Aesop Rock – Try Not To Die

Uncommon Nasa -Twenty Two (from Land of the Way It Is)
Short Fuze & Nasa – Oddest Future (from “Oddest Future” single)
Uncommon Nasa – 574s (unreleased, from upcoming New York Telephone LP)
Uncommon Nasa, Sarcasmo & Googie – Uncommon Karma (No Longer Available)
Duke01 – The Pursuit of Cow Meat (Produced by Nasa, from Steroid Stereo)
Short Fuze & Nasa – Breakdance for the Def (from “Oddest Future” single)
DJ AI featuring Uncommon Nasa – Galaxial Apple (from Neo Gotham Projects)
Uncommon Nasa – Sleep Patterns (Land of the Way It Is outtake, not available)
Taiyamo Denku – Stunt Man (Produced by Nasa, from upcoming collab project)