Magic Didn't Win :(

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Magic Johnson for President

Well, we tried. We went as far as illegally electioneering inside polling centers but voters didn't seem confident enough in electing a man whose decisions might be swayed by rituals and habits like wearing Magic basketball shorts.

I, on the other hand, started my Tuesday by proudly writing Magic Johnson's name into my ballot for President of the United States®.


Magic Johnson is an excellent basketball player.
Magic Johnson is someone I would trust to make decisions that may effect my life.
Magic Johnson would make a great President.

While I'm a little disappointed that Magic Johnson won't be the guy that gets to talk on TV all the time for the next four years, I'm extremely happy that the election didn't go to that other guy and whatever messianic banker business mumbo jumbo he's been spewing across the country for the past year.

Congrats, Bammy!