2015 NBA Haiku Preview: Eastern Conference

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NBA basketball is back! And while there is a lot to think about this upcoming season: Will the Warriors repeat? Will LeBron finally bring a title to Cleveland? What about Durant? Anthony Davis? John Wall? Those dang Milwaukee Bucks? You’re sure to get an overload of information as to who and what is going to take place, but here at Impose, we want to give you a calm place to consider the 2015 NBA season. For each team we present a haiku to capture their current essence as well as the unknown future. First up: the Eastern Conference. Let it sink in the way a Swaggy P three pointer entertaining miss sinks in.


New York Knicks

Another year of

Melo and Phil and Dolan too

This year with more ehh

Philadelphia 76ers

Trust the process Sam

Shirley Temples all around

At least an Okafor

Orlando Magic

Super Mario

Space the floor mightily and

Get Magic playoffs!


Detroit Pistons

No more rebuild and

Stan only has himself to

Hide behind Dumars

Charlotte Hornets

MKG out now

Born Ready in LA

Linsanity two?

Miami Heat

Pray for healthy Bosh

Goran and running and Wade

Gonna miss five weeks


Indiana Pacers

No more Roy to stink

More like PG 4 ok?

Myles Turner fun

Brooklyn Nets

Albatross Deron

Still under a slew of deals

And no draft to claim

Boston Celtics

Brad Stevens two times

Another solid year of

Outperforming self


Milwaukee Bucks

Grabbed Greg Monroe!

Long and mean defense all year

Shooting needs more depth

Washington Wizards

No more Truth daggers

Randy Whitman will go small

Probably plateau

Toronto Raptors

Ugly end to year

Plan to be more aggressive

Going to blow up?

Screen Shot 2015-10-22 at 2.45.34 PM

Chicago Bulls

Derrek Rose Facemask

The Mayor is here to be

Anti Thibodeaux

Cleveland Cavaliers

Still wait on Tristan

A payroll to save poor city

And still LeBron lose?

Atlanta Hawks

Amazing last year

Poised to be similar but

Could also fall hard