How the Atlanta Hawks Won 17 Games in January

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The Atlanta Hawks didn’t lose one game the entire month of January. Remarkable right? While an incredible feat, it’s not nearly as remarkable when you realize how much preparation that went into game. As of today, Atlanta owns the No. 1 seed in the Eastern Conference, so how did they get here? We take a look at what Hawks players did before each win to earn their place atop the East.

98-92 at the Utah Jazz
Al Horford drove around Salt Lake City taking pictures of landmarks from SLC Punk.

115-107 at Portland Trail Blazers
Kyle Korver sat in his hotel room and called Chevy execs to see if they would re-name it the Korvette.

Kyle Korver

107-98 at Los Angeles Clippers
Dennis Schroder saw Birdman at the New Beverly. He didn’t really get the hype.


96-86 vs Memphis Grizzlies
Pero Antic was up to his old antics again, this time putting Mentos into his Coca-Cola.

106-103 at Detroit Pistons
Elton Brand Skyped in a rehearsal of the Elton Band before noon shootaround.

120-89 vs Washington Wizards
Jeff Teague took a bunch of selfies, but didn’t post any to Instagram.

105-87 at Philadelphia 76ers
Mike Scott took a road trip to find the office from The Office, but he couldn’t find it.

105-91 at Boston Celtics
Paul Millsap had a meeting at the local Whole Foods to try and get them to carry his syrup “Paul Millsap’s Tree Sap.” It went pretty good.

110-89 at Toronto Raptors
Drake wanted to hang out, but nobody picked up their phone.

107-99 at Chicago Bulls
Thabo Sefolosha worked on his one act play.

Atlanta Hawks v Washington Wizards

93-82 vs Detroit Pistons
DeMarre Carroll caught up on The Americans. Is pretty excited about Season Three.

110-91 vs Indiana Pacers
Adreian Payne brought the pain to FIFA 15.

103-93 vs Oklahoma City Thunder
Shelvin Mack ate too many free chips at a Mexican restaurant. Barely finished his lunch.

112-100 vs Minnesota Timberwolves
Mike Muscala finally looked up what “bae” means.

113-102 vs Brooklyn Nets
John Jenkins tried to get a deal on a blu-ray player at Best Buy, but nobody believed he played for the Hawks.


105-99 vs Portland Trail Blazers
Kent Bazemore cleaned up his hard drive, updated his Itunes.

91-85 vs Philadelphia 76ers
Jeff Teague really wanted to compliment Joel Embiid on his social media presence, but he wasn’t with the team.