Arts and Crafts with Health

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LA noise band Health make presents for their moms in Emo's green room

Forget Health class, this is Arts and Crafts. LA's four fine young men known as Health are sweetly cutting out noses from paper, twisting, pipe cleaners, and using glitter in the green room at Emo's in Austin. We chat about all kinds of things, but they are well-mannered and very focused on the task at hand.

My only thought is that of all the greats who have been here: Melvins, Mike Patton, RZA and Ghostface, I doubt any of them were decorating 45's with red hots. Also, if Health couldn't leave without some disorderly conduct (see the ballz address carefully added to the green room walls), at least Impose could help them out with some craft paint to do it with.

Assignment: Decorate the 45 like the artist that plays on it.

Jake (vocalist, guitarist, psycho): That is in fact John Mellancamp riding an old bicycle with memorable quote ” In America we like the old time bikes… queers” These kids and their idols.

John (crazy person, dancer): This is Skunk from Steely Dan. John worked hard on that 'stache. And that's Hannah Montana at the bottom, because John always has a stable of bitches.

Jupiter (keyboardist, guitarist): Jupiter took poor Art Garfunkel's 45 and reminded the old stoner of all the front men he will never be. Art was not available for comment.

B.J. (drummer): The BeeJ had Barbara Streisand, here with a nose made from red hots. Sure, whatever.