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Atelier Ciseaux: This is Paris. Well, sort of. A small location called Romans in the South-East of France. And also Bordeaux. Oh, and Montreal. Argh, Montreal, we miss you already.

Atelier Ciseaux: This is François Virot, Lucky Dragons, Best Coast, Jeans Wilder, Andy Roche, U.S. Girls and Terror Bird. And, soon, Mathemagic, Young Prisms, C V L T S, Coasting and Reading Rainbow.

Atelier Ciseaux: This is some kind of singing music. The kind you can never really sing. The one that can fascinate the waves. Ghosts. Earthquakes. Vinyls. Screenprints, but not always. A DVD. And soon cassette tapes.

We put out our first release, François Virot's debut album, in late 2008, but I can hardly remember the exact moment I first considered starting a record label. Maybe 1994? No, no, wait, in 2005! Or perhaps in 1997.

I don't know, I don't know anymore. I was probably already thinking about it when I was 17. With Pavement in mind! Hah!

I've been doing stuff related to music for quite a while now and it was all like a long “brainstorming” in preparation for the label; knowing concretely how you want to get things done and–more importantly–how you absolutely don't want to.

Atelier Ciseaux is also a website that will always be in progress. And also a Myspace page.

Atelier Ciseaux. This is five words, or six: “The Future, that was yesterday – morning.”

Thank you.

Atelie Ciseaux Impose Labeled Sampler
01 Say Fiesta – François Virot
02 Honeycomb Part 1 – Lucky Dragons
03 Tough Guys – Jeans Wilder
04 Lunar Life – U.S. Girls
05 Shadows in the Halls – Terror Bird

Download it here.

Present future
U.S. Girls, “Lunar life” 7-inch
Terror Bird, “Shadows in the Halls” 7-inch (With La Station Radar)

Future future
Mathemagic / Young prisms split 7-inch, August 2010

C V L T S tape, August 2010

Coasting / Reading Rainbow 7-inch, September/October 2010

Past future

Jeans Wilder / Best Coast split 7-inch

Andy Roche (Black Vatican) “Radical Witness of Iowa” DVD-R

Lucky Dragons “Vrais Noms/ True names” 7-inch

François Virot, “Yes or No” 12-inch