Dam Mantle's colonization and discontent

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dam mantle

Dam Mantle's colonization and discontent His most played tracks of recent times.

Dimlite, “Ravemond's Young Problems”

We came to the conclusion that in the golden book of musical history there will be a full page on why the hell everyone in the world wasn't listening to Dimlite.

Lou Bond, “To The Establishment”

Speaking of music with soul; keep playing this horribly compressed Youtube rip of Memphis-born songwriter Lou Bond since I lost the record. I think it was a fairly limited repress, hopefully it'll turn up when I'm older and wiser

Dem Hunger, “Squint Fucker”

It'd be stupid to write about this one. Another record that disappeared, just listen to his tape on repeat instead:

Cut Hands, “Who No Know Go Knows”

William Bennett of Whitehouse. Saw him play in Glasgow recently, it blew my head off on a big system.

Pelinpala, “Jazz Cabalero”

A friend who I've been jamming with put me on to this, comes from Scandinavia, got this vivid visual element to it when you listen to it. I think a lot of this Soumisaundi stuff didn't get me as much but this track's great.

Prince, “I Would Die For You”

What is there to say?

LtJ Bukem, “Atlantis”

Love this hook. I wasn't “there” but, fuck Jungle is important.