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Field Hymns was born in Portland, Oregon on my birthday 2008 but really did not get rolling until late 2009. I had just helped put down a record label called Stereotype, in which I had been a minor partner, and for some odd reason thought it was a good idea to get back into the business. Or, I was at least receptive to the idea. I asked some friends who were making music I felt was languishing due to inattention if they would further their craft's descent in willful obscurity by allowing Field Hymns to put its stamp upon their albums. Quite surprisingly a handful said yes, and once that pressure was established there was no way out, and back to work I went.


Field Hymns became a cassette label by means of economics – they are much cheaper to produce in small numbers and luckily I truly love the little ferrite-eating buggers. Besides, who listens to CDs any more? And with vinyl being so bloody expensive, that was not an option. Being a product of practicality myself, I realized that not everyone wants to carry a Walkman around, and decided to make digital downloads part of the package design – if vinyl can do it, why not tapes? It’s the best of both worlds. And being a graphic designer by trade had a whole new canvas to work with (I do all the layout and most of the art for the releases).


I am totally stoked for 2012: coming are albums by Brad Rose, a fellow from Siberia named Foton, Detainee, Grapefruit, Adderall Canyonly, EYES, Susurrus, a couple from Oxykitten, and hopefully a re-issue of an album from 1978 that I hold close to my heart everyday, but that is hush-hush at the moment.


And what does Field Hymns Sound like? For better or worse it sounds like my perfect playlist – what else would a label owner say? And you can listen below if that is too obtuse.

So there is your creation tale.

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