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I guess it's important to note that we all party pretty hard.

Gnar Tapes & Shit started almost two years ago in southeast Portland when I was 18. It was initially a vehicle to trade/give away very small runs of tapes by Dust Collector, Super Destroy, White Rainbow, and other friends of the crew. The primary staff now includes 21 year-old vice-president Chris Uehlein and 21 year-old butt-president Kyle Handley. The three of us are in White Fang on Marriage Records, and we've learned practically everything from working with them.

We're all inspired by the the Northwest legacy of DIY tape-culture: old friendly appeal of hand to hand trading, mail-art. We like to think we are kind of a hybrid of the pre-internet and post-internet schools of thought regarding our “marketing” strategy. We just recently rereleased Two Million Years by Rich Jensen, which was originally released on K Records in 1991. Rich has been releasing tapes since Ronald Reagan's first term in office.

We're honored to have put out Blond Rats/Fear Melody by Lucky Dragons, Disco Worship Mixtape by Y∆CHT, and the upcoming White Rainbow tape, Sea Thru (as well as an old tape by White Rainbow that came in an edition of 10 at $20 and sold out in a weekend.) We'd also be really hyped about a Faith No More tape, or maybe a Judas Priest re-issue.

Laughing is hugely important to us, and I think that is pretty clear in our tapes and website (see, our review blog hub). Look out for our upcoming humorcore sketch comedy show It's Fabulous to be Gay All of the Time, Everyday on VHS, and tapes from Starving Weirdos, Rob Walmart, and White Rainbow, as well as a Miley Cyrus split live bootleg and a slew of mofos.

Gnar Tapes and Shit compilation

01 Savages – Track For Da Ladies

02 Bodh – Drum Song

03 White Fang – Duh

04 Grandparents – Mirror Eyes

05 MAIN$TREAM – Blunts Turn to Nothin' (feat. Saveges)

06 Wampire – Wooby Dooby

07 Unkle Funkle – Please Baby Please

08 Lucky Dragons – Fear Melody

09 Feather Headdress – In The Pit

10 Super Destroy – Grandpa

11 French Dad – Middle Diddle

Download it here.