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It's bigger than tight pants.

In the year we've been around, we still feel like people don't really understand what the hell we're talking about. In fact, we're pretty sure some dumb racist motherfuckers think we're just ignorant idiots who sing about tight pants, sex and booze. First off, we never have been and never will be a rap group, even though we may have people “rap” in our music. If anything, our music is punk at heart. Anyways, getting back to the point of this essay, “Tight Pants” was the first song we wrote and we think a lot of people don't understand it.

Some people think the song's hook, “I'm a tight pants wearing ass nigga,” is just some funny phrase. Others think it's new age minstrel. That's ignorant. The term “tight pants wearing ass nigga” is an insult that's been thrown around the hood for a while now. In the Bronx, it's just a formula people use: “look at this [your term here] ass nigga.” A friend of ours saw some dude coming around the block who he didnt like so he said, “Yo look at this dick in the butt ass nigga”. It has nothing to do with race. Its usually used by people in the hood to insult kids from the hood who refuse to wear what is known in some circles as “the hood uniform.”

For those unfamiliar with “the hood uniform,” it's a product of the crass commercialization of hip hop that occurred in the 90s. For the most part, it involves baggy jeans sagging below one's ass, oversized shirts and hats, and basketball sneakers. You've seen the music videos. Walk around damn near any so-called “ghetto” area in America and you're sure to find people rocking the uniform. Naturally, young kids try to fit in. Not too many want to be beat up at school or on the street.

Increasingly though, something is happening in the hood today. More and more young kids are openly rejecting the trends that music corporations and lifestyle marketing firms are feeding them through television and radio. Thanks to the internet and other technology, young kids from the hood are realizing there's a whole other world that exists, both in fashion and music. While white kids in the suburbs are still buying rap and “hip hop” clothing, kids from the hood are exploring so called “white” things like skateboarding and punk music. They are realizing that their skin color should not define the way they dress or the way they live their life and it's a beautiful thing.

“Tight Pants” is dedicated to every kid, who like our lead singer Reverend McFly, grew up in the hood and faced hatred and insults because of the way he or she dressed. You don't have to wear tight pants to feel the message. You can wear whatever you want. Our DJ Teenwolf usually wears some baggy ass pants, and he's still in Ninjasonik. At the end of the day “Tight Pants” is an anthem about being proud of being yourself. We've taken an insult and turned it on its head to empower those who used to be hurt by it. We understand if some people don't like our music (or how we live and dress), but if that's how you feel, our music wasn't made for you, and we kindly say fuck you.