Jeans Wilder's “Guadalajara, 1997”

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Jeans Wilder

In 1997, i was in junior high and lived at my grandma's house so I could go to a “good” school, instead of the “ghetto” school in my own neighborhood.

Everyday, after school, I would go home and watch TV. Mostly it was Saved by the Bell, but for a brief while, there was this channel called “M2” which was a bunch of weird videos that MTV wouldn't play, for whatever reason. MTV2 now is complete shit. Here are six videos that I never, ever forgot.

The 2nd video they showed on M2. I've heard this song, and video, being called one of the worst ever made, in both catergories. What's really funny is this guy was the drummer for Pavement. And really? Can anyone tell me there isn't worse music out there, especially these days?

This video was “scary”, and “edgy”, and the sacreligious imagery made my grandparents hate it, which made me enjoy it even more.

I always liked watching Speed Racer with my uncle who had passed away a few years prior. Plus, who doesn't love some Wu-Tang? Besides… it's kind of amazing that an artist of that caliber just cut and pasted a bunch of cartoons together to make a video.

I love The Sundays. So so so much. This wasn't a risky video by any means. I just always remembered the fruit wall for some reason.

This one I actually really like. It seems very “amateur” for someone like Spike Jonze, but I think that's what I like about it. It looks like shit, but it's a funny concept that I think works for the video. Before everything was so serious.

You can say what you will about Squirrel Nut Zippers, their weird place in the “swing” revival, and all that jazz, but this song rips. I actually wanted to show “Hell” by them instead, but the content was blocked by this bullshit we call the “major label industry”. The video for “Hell” was actually the first video they showed on M2, and I was genuinely made uncomfortable a little by it. But this video is great too. The scene where a bottle gets busted over a cop's head is CLASSIC '90S.