The 'mazin viral vids of Microkingdom

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“The 22 Caliber Drives Any Cabinet”

Dig it! This man is the man and our hero. At 1:30 Mike: “The 22 is in it”, Owen flinches.

Tracy Morgan, “Behind Closed Doors” (Stand Up Comedy Part 1)

Our singer Tracy Morgan. I'm straight booga and suga.

Ed Roll'D Trololo (Original Video)

Buuuurrrrrp. He stoled our stuff.

“Gimme Pizza” (Slow)

Just the pepperonis. On our upcoming covers album with the above. These chicks have weird ideas about pizza.

The Altered State of Drugachusetts

As a comedy band, Mr. Show is of course a major influence, not to mention Bob and David's solo endeavors. And we do love pizza.

Junkyard Band, July 1989, Darryll Smackin

People keep telling us the name of this drummer but we keep forgetting. Willie somebody? Being Baltimore boys we still think it's okay to like Go Go.

Santana Shreds

Carlos is Marc [Miller, guitarist]'s Buddha.

Woody Shaw, “Stepping Stone (1979)

Makes your brains hurt. Hurty. The angle of the cymbals is the angle of the melodies.

GI Joe PSA: Reggae

A short stack here. Silver dollar of reggae. Pork chop sandwiches… oh wait wrong one.

The Dirty Cowboy

This is but one of the ways to dance to our music. Not that that's our music. But you know it's all our music. And mesmerizing. Mesmerizing fringe.

This Drummer Is at the Wrong Gig

That's actually Will [Redman] on drums here and [John] Dierker (reeds) is the emcee. Clickety clickety.

Jean Claude Vannier, “L'Enfant La Mouche Et Les Allumettes”

Fashion and music go together like fashion and music. In France.

Anthony Braxton Quartet Berlin 1985

And fo real serious folks. Braxton is god.