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CTI, “Elemental 7″/”Dancing Ghosts”

This one’s for the VHS lovers… A side project of Chris & Cosey, who are the archetypal English couple. Except that instead of messing around in the garden, they mess around in their studio and make radical electronic music.

21YO, “She’s Got to Be Back Home” (Physical Therapy Remix)

Physical Therapy has a great channel full of instructional videos. This one answers the question, “Where did I come from?”

KLF, “America: What Time is Love?”

This video always makes me laugh. A voyage of discovery suddenly turns into a viking rave. KLF was such an interesting project. Besides pioneering acid house and creating The Justified Ancients of Mu Mu, they performed all sorts of situationist actions–like firing machine gun blanks into an award show audience, burning a million pounds in cash and deleting their entire back catalog. The perfect balance of anarchy and absurdity…

Carlos Castaneda’s Tensegrity Volume Three
Everyone knows Carlos Castaneda from his bestselling books–but did you know that he developed a system of movement called Tensegrity (or “magic passes”), meant to stimulate energy and consciousness? And that he filmed an entire volume of these exercises, demonstrated by an intense woman with a bleach blond buzzcut? It’s like New Age meets Janet Jackson.

Kazaky, “Love”

I’m skeptical when certain pop stars claim that their music is very empowering for their gay fans. Wouldn’t it be more empowering to have a pop group composed of four half-naked Ukrainian bois dancing in high heels, at one point wearing giant black onions on their heads?

Porno for Pyros, “Pets”

Everything I liked in high school is cool again. Teva sandals, shopping at the Salvation army, Porno for Pyros. Are clove cigarettes next? This is one of those typical WTF 90s videos. Throw a baby, some female bodybuilders and experimental dancers into a studio and see what happens. Perry Farrell’s hair is so inspiring.

Terence McKenna, “Reclaim Your Mind”