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Monofonus Press was started in 2007 in Austin, TX as a multi-media label. The original idea was, and continues to be, to provide a platform from which musicians, writers, and visual artists could release their work. We put out art by any medium necessary, but for simplicity let’s focus here on the music. The first couple of years of our existence, we only put out Austin bands. The amount of good bands in Austin is staggering, and we felt the need to help get some of those releases out into the world. Plus, we live here, this is where we knew the most bands. This last year, we began to reach outside of our hometown and release bands from LA, New York, and England. We don't limit ourselves to genre and we will take risks if we like what a band is doing. Send us your jams!

Recent Releases

(All of which you can stream/preview.)

Shit and Shine/Expensive Shit — Shit Split 7″

Since 2004 Shit and Shine (above, at ATP) have been destroying the peace through a series of seemingly non-coherent releases, and semi-comprehensible live performances — frequently featuring no more than guitars, oh, and about ten drummers. When we found out Shit And Shine main dude Craig Clouse (Crown Roast, Hammerhead, Todd) relocated to Texas we immediately hounded him for a release. Not knowing if we were gonna end up with fucked up dubstep or fucked up noise rock we knew it would be fucked up. It is, and this track falls somewhere in the middle of those two descriptions.

Expensive Shit are from Austin,TX and specialize in braindead riff carnage of the rawest order. xxx$ contains three members of When Dinos Ruled the Earth and one former member of Black Eyes. By their own interweb admission they consider their influences “sludge meditation” and “winging it” and their band policy is “no practice, we play anywhere.”

For their side of this split 7-inch, titled “Crueshal Version”, an attempt is made at re-imagining dub hi pass filtered through atonal noise. Not rehearsed, and not necessarily successful. Works both at 45rpm and `33rpm. Limited to 300 copies.

Sun Araw, Houston Abstros 7″

Straight from the heart of the Astrodome: a conceptual broadcast of burnt orange power-pop, radiating with love for the homeland. First, the conspicuously un-stepped version of “Bump Up:” the original, pre-mangled, all shined up and dubless. Second, a cover of Teenage Fanclub’s “December” set loose in SUN ARK for blissed wandering.

Limited run of 300 (only a few copies left of this one).

Soft Encounters and Soft Healer One-Sider 10-inches

Soft Encounters is the latest in our One-Sider series. This is a 10″ one-sided record b/w hand silkscreened art by artist Eli Lehrhoff. Speaker-blown, tribal trance-noise from Luke Fasano (Yeasayer, Ex Models, Family Band, People Get Ready) and Zach Lehrhoff (Knyfe Hyts, Ex Models, the Seconds). Whoa even Doug Mosurock didn't hate it! Limited run of 300.

Soft Healer's One-Sider 10″ record b/w hand-silkscreened art by vortex conjurer Drew Liverman. Soft Healer lays down one of their longer, more mournful tracks with Grand Isle, followed by a grooved-up take on the Zero Boys’ Civilization’s Dying. limited run of 300 Be on the lookout for their upcoming Captured Tracks record coming atcha!!

Duncan Malashock, Let's Make Sure Everything is a Thing 7″
Let’s Make Sure Everything is a Thing b/w Girls Collide is Malashock’s debut solo release on Monofonus Press. It includes goth-glam guitar pop (“Let’s Make Sure Everything Is A Thing”), and the cavernous avant-disco “Girls Collide”. Malashock blends less-is-more techniques into more-is-more compositions, while managing to avoid the simplistic. Limited run of 300.

Tim Kerr, Your Name Here

Tim Kerr founder of one the fucking greatest Texas punk bands, The Big Boys, among others. He was kind enough to work with us on a book release in early 2011. Your Name Here holds Tim Kerr within its covers. These pages are filled with Tim’s bold, creative artwork that contain social commentary with figures from both past and present. Tim tells a story with his loose hand and signature tempura paints. Tim’s compiled work acts as bit of a visual history lesson. This edition of the book includes a cassette compilation of Tim’s favorite songs from his many musical endeavors.

Ralph White, The Mongrel's Hoard LP

Here we have avant-garde folk Cajun/African musician Ralph White! What a strange transcendental meditating stream of music comes out of this man! Whether he's playing with Jandek or sitting alone with his banjo you'll know that you are listening to soul music.

With this LP we have a beautiful recording cementing Ralph’s unique position in the unfolding history of so-called “roots music.” His banjo, kalimba, fiddle, accordion, and high-lonesome drawl create a drone-like, somewhat psychedelic folk language.

Limited to 300 hand-screened copies, with art by Tim Kerr.

Thor Harris, A Post Apocalyptic Tale of Friendship

Monofonus Press is proud to present the second IF series release by the godly musician, painter, and carpenter Thor Harris. The book is a collection of drawings that were done during a year plus of touring with Swans, Shearwater, and Bill Callahan. The music was made much quicker than that. Morgan Coy made the music with Thor. Rob Halverson of Tree World Recording, recorded the stuff and mixed it. It’s a twisted package of goods. Sample it here.

The Rebel, The Five Year Plan EP (Out this month)

We couldn't be happier to present to the world a new release from one of our favorite recording artists OF ALL FUCKING TIME! Ben Wallers a.k.a. The Rebel is the main man behind Country Teasers, and continues to amaze with the near constant flow of material out on a variety of labels including a 2007 release from Austin label Emperor Jones. Since playing in our garage in March of 2006 we've kept in contact (a.k.a. drunk g-chatting), and a couple months ago he was generous enough to send us 13 songs to choose from. We've selected our three favorites, and pressed them up proper on a 12″ EP titled The Five Year Plan. Full color everything…. label, jacket, and screen printed B Side. Looks/Sounds amazing. Fans of Ronnie O'Sullivan will be extra stoked. Limited to only 300 copies. PREORDER NOW! Cost is $10

Look out for some mid-to-late summer releases:
Dikes of Holland/Daniel Francis Doyle Split 10″
Pygmy Shrews 7″
Jad Fair One Sider 10″