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Papermade at its best functions as a resource for its contributors. We keep a small roster of artists and with them produce a small number of art shows, performances and records every year. With doing a limited amount of releases and events it allows us to pour all our energy into each project. Over the last 11 years we’ve spent most of our time thinking about the context we should present projects in and I think that now, looking back, it’s been time well spent.

Around 2004 or so we realized that CDs didn’t work with what we were trying to do, that lead us to working with cassette releases coupled with mp3 downloads. The same thing happened with shows, venues just felt silly at some point and a few Papermade bands had been doing street shows so we decided to try working more with that format for a while. I think everyone associated with Papermade is happiest when we're trying some harebrained idea, even if in the end it doesn't work out how we had hoped at least we tried.

Papermade Sampler:
01 Dirt Dress, “Sonic Death”
02 Rare Grooves, “Cause For Concern”
03 AM, “Southerners”
04 Trapsps, “Living Nightmare”
05 Black Elephant, “Four Years”
06 Tomorrows Tulips, “Eternally Teenage”