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drawing by patrick gildersleeves

With work featured in group and solo exhibitions from London to Barcelona to Hong Kong, as well as in Faesthetic and Anorak Magazines, this relatively young artist is determined to avoid stepping in poo in hometown Brighton, to take some “adventures” away from his pharmacy day job, and perhaps to add more blood to that next drawing. Visit his website, Wowoutrageous.

How was it growing up in sunny Suffolk, UK?

I lived in a fairly pleasant village with a little wood, river and meadows nearby and we had a dog and a cat and other pets. My family hardly ever argued so it was all peachy.

I have certainly drawn for the whole of my life. I don't know who got me started but I'm guessing it was my mum.

You're currently living/working in Brighton. What's it like there?

London by the sea, sort of. It is full of trendy shops, organic vegetables, vegetarians, arty things and pubs. There are dogs and their poo all over the place. There are plenty of tourists in the summer but there is no underground railway system. It also has a large gay community and is really really hilly.

You do a lot of illustrations for magazines, is this your main source of income? Do you have a day job over there?

I don't make much money from the illustrations, no (boo hoo). I am saving up to go on a big adventure so I have to have a full time job. I work in a pharmacy all day and draw when I get home. It's all a bit tiring. This will change when I don't have to save up for the trip any more, but I'm sure I'll still need a part time job to make ends meet.

You seem to have had a whole bunch of shows all over Europe within the past couple years, do you actually travel to the openings?

Yeah I went to most of the parties. They've all been good. I love drink, especially when it's free, so there are many happy memories. My only solo show so far (in Amsterdam) was cool but I know hardly anyone there so I was scared most of the time.

What's your process like, do you have a routine? Do you see anything changing?

I like to start drawing without a plan and let it take shape as I go along. I work any time. My favorite materials are the mechanical pencil and gouache paint. I usually draw on some kind of colored printer paper.

I want to get better. The work will probably be more violent. I get bored of drawing nice happy things all the time, so there will be more blood. I am doing a show in a shop in Barcelona soonish. I'm also in a group show in Italy, starting in September.

Are the kids alright in Brighton? What do you do there besides illustrate?

The music scene in Brighton? I'm certain there is one and it's probably very good but I know nothing about it. I listen to a lot of music at home and see a few shows occasionally. I do taekwon-do every week and go running in the park too. Taekwon-do is excellent, the classes are very heavy on fitness so I can do plenty of press ups now.

What shows have you been to lately?

The last party I went to was up in London, at a club on Brick Lane. It was very sexy indeed. The DJ was playing some very bass heavy music and I was nice and drunk and it was excellent. The last show I saw here was Sebastien Tellier which was fun. He was pretty good and rather sleazy.


There are too many to mention really, but the stuff I'm playing most now is: DJ Boobeez, ESG, JME (“AWOH” is my favorite song), Lollywood stuff, Elli et Jacno and Bobby O.

Coming to New York?

Hopefully yeah. I went a couple of years ago and liked it. It was the coldest place I'd ever been.

Who would your dream collaboration be with?

Hokusai! Just so I could watch him drawing.