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Parts & Labor, “The Gold We're Digging”

Trevor Shelley-de Brauw: Awesome visual effects rendered on a budget – a really colorful, inventive visual treatment in honor of a beautifully catchy song.

UNKLE, “Rabbit In Your Headlights”

Bryan Herweg: This video is so disturbing, but just totally sucks you in.

Failure, “Stuck On You”

Larry Herweg: Might be my favorite song of all time and the video isn't too shabby either.

Dogs, “Algomania”

Laurent Schroeder-Lebec: I love the Dogs, such a cool punk band with Stooges and MC5 moments through a filter-less cigarette.

Nirvana, “Lithium”

Bryan Herweg: I always loved this video, great live footage of Kurt Cobain going ape shit.

Lumerians, “Gaussian Castles”

Trevor Shelley-de Brauw: Fucking great song from these Bay Area psych-nuts. This is simply gorgeous photography and features possible-seizure-inducing editing to tremendous psychedelic effect. Watch it in HD if you have the capability to do so.

Danzig, “Dirty Black Summer”

Larry Herweg: Danzig's chest, Danzig kicking sand, Danzig saying “Eww” a few dozen times, and Chuck Biscut's butchery of the ride cymbal's bell.

Zoo, “Hard Times”

Laurent Schroeder-Lebec: A killer proto-metal cut as hand-picked for the Tetes Lourdes comp put out a few years back… dug it up and loving it. Weird use of horns!

Tool, “Prison Sex”

Larry Herweg: Still one of the most unique and creepiest videos of all time.

The Pharcyde, “Runnin'”

Trevor Shelley-de Brauw: This video was semi-controversial, but it's pretty obviously just a poignant joke. A great song featuring a killer J Dilla production from Pharcyde's incredibly underrated album Labcabincalifornia.

Magma, (live French TV performance)

Laurent Schroeder-Lebec: A song from the awesome art rock/expressionist mania troupe Magma.

Queens of the Stone Age, “No One Knows”

Larry Herweg: Do i really need to explain this one? Dave Grohl on drums, the best Queens line up, band members hunting deer, deer tricks band and kidnaps them, etc.

Bill Withers, “Use Me”

Bryan Herweg: An old friend of mine turned me on to this song. I especially love the fact that the bass player is totally lounging next to Bill Withers, who's sweating profusely and might pop at any moment.