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This song is one of the most epic tracks we have EVER heard in our entire lives. The melodies sound like pain, struggle, confidence, and a hell of a lot of heart… like the end of “300”… the drums are chaotic and apocolyptic, if you notice the snare is becoming less and less crucial; hitting on the '4' rather than the '3'. To top if off Lil Durks vocals are simple and catchy with the next-level autotune similar to Future… the real magic moments of this song come when Lil Durk's heavily autotuned backup vocals pierce through the main vocal… in the 3rd verse he does an autotune background fill “L's up for Lil Moe' and he sings “Lil Moooooeeee” so passionately in the background… Lil' Moe is his friend that was killed 🙁 Apparently Lil Durk is in jail or juvi right now and they cut off his dreads!!! >:(

When Katie first appeared in a Sasha GoHard video last year she was pointing a huge gun at the camera, which instantly scared the living shit out of most people. On her first huge anthem 'I Need A Hitta' the production is extremly scary and frightening but OSOSOSOSO next level… notice the long pause followed by a huge drop in which the hi-hats play all triplets… that shit is WILD AS FUCK, and if you dont like it; fuck off. After seeing interviews with Katy you realize that she's actually nice as hell; trying to reduce drama from her life and follow a chill path to success :)… this track will get stuck in your head for your whole life, and destroy any (non indie-rock) dancefloor. Not to mention her drop “Katiiieeee, Katiiieeee”… that voice will ring in your head forever. We've showed 100's of people this song and the most common response is “I can't stop dreaming about Katie Got Bandz”.

Holy Other has been one of our favorites since we started producing as Supreme Cuts and his work will never cease to completely floor us. His music overwhelms your body; the synths give you a feeling of being immersed in warm water while meditating. Not to mention the emotional depth that you can take or leave depending on your romantic situation… lol.. Each drum sound is so meticulously placed, he always accomplishes what he needs to in an extremely heavy but minimal way. His songs are modern sonic Parthenons…

Prince is the true God of music. The Beatles, David Bowie, James Brown, Parliament, and a SMIDGE of Talking Heads, all embodied in one o' so confident and sexless man (in a time when androgony REALLY wasnt cool/allowed in the US) This song he wrote for/ sang with Sheila E not only gets me choked up every time I hear it, but is strangely allowed on Youtube. Also highlights the little known selfless side of Prince; producing and writing for hundreds of other artists in addition to himself. Prince is a true genius; If you don't agree please never speak to us. Thanks.

The torch has been passed by T.I. to Future as the King of ATL (obviously 2Chainz is also taking over).. unfortunately millions of LATE BLOOMERS worldwide still can't get over his autotune. Future comes from the Dungeon Family (Outkast's legendary crew) and his music is more honest, passionate, melodic, and original than his singles like to let out. This song is a true gem and one of our favorites of the entire year. Believe it or not it's a real rough time to be a musician, and this song expresses how nice it is for your little cousin to call you up and tell you that SOMEONE has noticed your hard work, and thinks that you deserve it. I listen to this song every day of my life. Notice the little Prince/The-Dream-esque snyth line behind the words “You Deserve It”, Future is a savant. His style is impeccable his attitude is unstoppable, not to mention he chooses the most NEXT-LEVEL beats in the game. Truly a man I have a lot in common with (minus a couple mill) THIS DUDE DESERVES IT (also checkout 'Turn on The Lights” & 'Neva End” for some real tearjerkers.)

Don't know if we can post this because there's no Youtube video yet but we've been a big fan of Physical Therapy since his Rude n Rowdy edit of Alicia Keys' “Unthinkable”… Dude's sensibility is about as on point as it gets. He asked us to remix this track after we linked up in NY… our jaws fell to the floor when we first heard it, as I feel like I have been praying/dreaming for this exact song to exist for a couple years. So thank you Daniel for making the world a more fun and beautiful place by the creation of this tune. Also, thank you Jamie for your voice, truly one of the most delightful acapellas we've ever heard 😉