Weekend shows some roots

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We're Weekend and we're from San Francisco CA. We have an LP called Sports coming out on Slumberland Records on November 9. These are some songs we can't stop listening to.

Bauhaus, “Dancing”

Great dirty bass lines and Peter Murphy howling at his best.

The Ecstasy of Saint Theresa, “What's”

Incredible song from a relatively unknown shoegazey band from the Czech Republic in the early nineties.

Little Girls, “Delaware” [Download]

Pitch-black bedroom goth from Toronto.

Half Church, “Paradise”

Bay Area post-punk from the early eighties. Shaun's dad Tom sang, and the bassist Monte has recorded all the Weekend material.

Powderburns, “Shut Up” [Download]

An early project of Slumberland mastermind Mike Schulman. Gear included practice amps, drum machine and 200 beers.

Young Marble Giants, “Final Day”

Simple and haunting.

Section 25, “Be Brave”