Bundy, "They've Left Us"

Post Author: Joseph Anthony Evans

From Long Beach, CA comes the four piece alternative rock group, Bundy. Led by the writers Herman Serna (Lead Vocals, Guitar) and Johnny Lim (Guitar, Keys) both have their own unique style of writing taken from personal tragedy and experience. Mixed with the righteous rhythms from Mike Meza (Drums) and JB Vasquez (Bass) the band Bundy makes its passionate and lasting impression amongst their fans. Look out for their upcoming album “BASTARD PERFORMER” to be released on Jan 28th.


The triumphant feeling that is “They Left Us” is the magnificent ballad written by the avant-gardes. The track shows us the combinations of the 4 types of writing that leave us boggled somehow. This inspiring stand up story will not go unheard in the world we live in today. Bundy is leaving us with a masterpiece.